Public Meeting Opposing Nuclear Dump in Central Australia

There will be a public meeting on Monday 7th December at the Andy McNeill Room at Alice Springs Town Council, starting 6pm, to talk about the issues surrounding the proposed nuclear waste dump at Aridgold Date Farm 70km south of Alice Springs.

Tara Liddy, from Oak Valley community which neighbours the date farm said

“This is where I grew up, and my concern is that my son will not be able to enjoy the same childhood that I did on that country. I am completely opposed, as an Aboriginal person, to putting poison into the ground that we belong to.”

The proposed nuclear waste dump is on land which floods during rain, and sits on the edge of two important water basins, the Pacoota and Mereenie aquifers. The surrounding areas are agriculturally diverse, with pastoral leases and horticultural businesses.

Dr Hilary Tyler, a doctor in Alice Springs said

“It is a myth that we need a waste dump for medical radioisotopes. We can provide all cancer treatment without a nuclear reactor in Australia. The nuclear industry is a dirty industry.”

Mitch, a campaigner from the Harts Range and Mt Everard areas concluded with

“From past experience from Harts Range and Mt Everard the process is flawed, is not best scientific practice, or world’s best practice. We need the time frame for submissions extended and a national inquiry before turning a sod on anyone’s land”

Six sites have been nominated nationally, but all have strong community opposition. Lucas Heights nuclear research reactor has the capacity to store all nuclear waste generated there for the next twenty years. There is no rush to impose a dump on an unwilling community in an environmentally unsuitable location.

WHERE: Andy McNeill Room, Alice Springs Town Council

WHEN: Monday 7th December; 6:00pm

CONTACT:   Tara Liddy 0429 799 040

Hilary Tyler 0419 244 012

Mitch 0428 057 938

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