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national waste dump submission tips

National Radioactive Waste Management Facility

Groups and individuals concerned and/or potentially affected by the government’s proposed national radioactive waste management facility are strongly urged to submit comments to government. The more submissions they receive the better!

The government website about the waste dump process is:

Further information and an online survey is here:

How to lodge comments/submissions is here:

Along with

  • Proposed approval of nominated sites-Invitation to comment
  • Nominated Site Information

Comments can be lodged via email to [email protected]

Postal lodgements should be sent to:

C/o The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

National Radioactive Waste Section

GPO Box 9839

Canberra ACT 2601


The comment period closes AEST 5.00pm 11 March 2016

The six nominated sites are:

  • Sallys Flat (Hill End) – New South Wales 2641 Hill End Road, Hill End
  • Hale – Northern Territory Lot 1933 Old South Road, Hale
  • Cortlinye – South Australia 2051 Buckleboo Hundred Line Road, Cortlinye
  • Pinkawillinie – South Australia 762 Peella Road, Pinkawillinie Barndioota – South Australia 377 Wallerberdina Road, Barndioota
  • Oman Ama – Queensland Cunningham Highway, Gore

General Tips

  • You can write an individual or joint submission
  • The submission can be a letter or a report with a cover letter
  • Submission guidelines have not been provided by the government, therefore format and content is flexible
  • Submissions may be about one of the shortlisted sites or all of them and the process in general
  • The length of the submission doesn’t matter
  • Most submissions are made public. If you don’t want yours to be public, state so.
  • State who you are and why you’re interested
  • You can include social, economic, environmental, scientific, cultural, legal and ethical considerations
  • Try to avoid making solely emotional arguments as the government dismisses them more easily.
  • Consider the scope of the information provided by government – what’s excluded?
  • Address some or all sections of the information provided by the government
  • Include international or other examples or case studies if you know of any
  • Refer to which part of which document/website you are talking about, cite references
  • Be on the lookout for factually incorrect information, exaggerations, inconsistencies and omissions in the proponent’s documents


What to include (modified from

  • A clear heading that states what your submission is about. For example, “Submission to the National radioactive waste management facility at ******”
  • Introduce yourself or, if making a joint submission, introduce the group and say how many are in the group. Say why you are interested in the issues and why it affects you.
  • Strong, clear statements about what is wrong with the proposal, or what should change, or what parts should stay the same.
  • Give examples about why you have particular views. Include evidence, case studies or stories that illustrate what problems may be caused. Examples like this that support your arguments are very persuasive.
  • Any other submissions, research or reports you have done, or you know of that support what you are saying. Remember to acknowledge other people’s work and cite it if you can, so the person reading your submission can find it. You can always attach a hard copy as an appendix to your submission.
  • Make recommendations if you can, but if you don’t feel confident doing this, outlining your concerns is just as important.
  • Any positive things you have to say or anything that you support in the proposal. Remember that there may be other people or organisations that will attack the same points and want to get rid of those parts. It’s important that the government hears your support.
  • If you are willing to meet with the government or agency conducting the review, say so.


Useful websites,-download-form-here.html

Facebook groups have been formed for each of the shortlisted sites:

Sallys Flat/ Hill End:



Alice Springs:

Kimba region x 2


South Australia


The Federal Government has given until March 11, 2016 for public comment regarding the proposals. To have your say visit National Radioactive Waste Management

Public comment closes in: