Nuclear waste in the frame: community gathers for film screening ahead of government meeting.

Film screening

MEDIA RELEASE DATE 15th February 2016 On Saturday evening over 200 Alice Springs residents gathered on the town council lawns for a screening of the movie ‘Containment’, a documentary film by Harvard Professors Peter Galison and Robb Moss which explores how to convey the risk of nuclear waste to future generations.   It was also an opportunity for community members to learn more about the proposed national radioactive waste dump at the Aridgold Date Farm 75km south of Alice


Communities say no to nuclear waste dump


Saturday, February 6, 2016 By Mara Bonacci After two decades of failing to secure a nuclear waste dump site in South Australia and the Northern Territory through a top down approach, early last year the federal government initiated a voluntary nomination process calling on landholders to put forward their land for


Nuclear waste danger, knows no State borders


The South Australia Royal Commission into the nuclear fuel cycle will give its interim report at the Adelaide Town Hall at 6pm next Monday 15 February. It is likely the Commission will recommend that the South Australian Premier’s plan to import international high-level radioactive waste proceed, despite obvious risks and clear


“Impossible Dream” South Australian Senator slammed for proposing Australia invests in taking International waste.


South Australian Liberal Senator Sean Edwards’ plan for free electricity has been slammed as an ‘impossible dream’. A PLAN to store nuclear waste in Australia in return for free electricity has been slammed as an “impossible dream”. Last year South Australian senator Sean Edwards sparked a nationwide debate on the possibility of reprocessing nuclear waste generated overseas and turning this into free electricity for the



AridGold FARM-2

The 120 hectare Arid Gold date farm, about 75 kilometres south of Alice Springs, has been named as one of six possible locations to house a nuclear waste dump to take low and intermediate level radioactive waste... The owner of the date farm shortlisted for the dump has said if the Egyptian pharaohs were buried for thousands of years with no ill-effects on the environment, the same should be possible with nuclear waste.


Public Meeting Opposing Nuclear Dump in Central Australia

public meeting Alice

There will be a public meeting on Monday 7th December at the Andy McNeill Room at Alice Springs Town Council, starting 6pm, to talk about the issues surrounding the proposed nuclear waste dump at Aridgold Date Farm 70km south of Alice Springs. Tara Liddy, from Oak Valley community which neighbours the date farm said “This is where I grew up, and my concern is that my son will not be able